The big free mainframe curriculum

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Learn mainframe, z/OS and Linux for Z on a shoestring.

Let me know if you have any updates or additions to the list.


Here’s What Happens When an 18 Year Old Buys a Mainframe

z/OS introductory video course

The ABCs of System Programming redbooks

IBM z/OS Basic Skills page in Knowledge Center.

Introduction to the new mainframe

RelevantZ site

IBM Z Youtube

IBM Z YouTube channel

Love mainframe

Open source initiatives


Free training offers


z/OS Introduction and Workshop’HTTPD2.APPS.ZOSCLASS.SHTML(ZOSCLASS)’

Master the mainframe:

Free training at HPI

Many tutorials on Mainframetechhelp

Tutorialspoint on mainframe

Mainframe Playground


Introduction to TSO/ISPF


Introduction to JCL

JCL course


Introduction to COBOL

Free COBOL course from CSIS

Mainframe playground on COBOL

Books (search for 2nd hand versions)

Teach Yourself COBOL In 21 Days

Murarch’s Mainframe COBOL


Introduction to CICS

Db2 for z/OS

DB2 for z/OS: Data Sharing in a Nutshell

Introduction to Db2 z/OS (for programmers) –

MQ for z/OS

MQ on z/os concepts


Introduction to VSAM


Assembler training

Developer topics

IBM System z Tech Video’s

IBM Z Systems tech zone

  • Application Discovery ADDI
  • Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems ADFz
  • zD&T – mainframe for hobiests on your Intel machine zD&T

Access to real mainframe

Unfortunately there is no Community mainframe yet. How cool would that be. 

There is the emulator solution zD&T on which you can run z/OS legitimately (warning: quite cumbersome, slow and expensive.)

IBM Z trials

Gives you 3 days access to a trial environment with scripted tutorials..

When you have a software development company, or if you are rich:

Remote development programme on Dallas System z’HTTPD2.ENROL.PUBLIC.SHTML(ZOSRDP)’

(Will cost you something like $550 USD per month.)