Compare Disk contents with Catalogs – a custom Rexx and JCL solution

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This one is untested since 1997. A little warning, though I believe it will still work.

During a z/OS migration (probably still MVS/ESA or maybe OS/390) we needed to restructure the catalog layout. The client did not have a good catalog structure in place and almost everything had ended up in the master catalog. A small nightmare, especially for a smooth upgrade. BEtter worded: they made a mess of their catalogs. (The company does not exist anymore.)

I created some custom programs to compare catalog contents with contents on disks.

The job in CMPLCLVJ does the following:


  • Step INTRPOLD – Interpret an existing LISTCAT result for easier handling during the compare
  • Step LIST: Create LISTVTOC of desired volumes
  • Step INTRPLV – Interpret the LISTVTOC output for easier handling during the compare
  • Step COMPLCLV – Compare the Listcat and LISTVTOC

The following Rexx programs are used in this job:

INTLISTC – interprets the LISTCAT output.

INTLISTV – interprets the LISTVTOC results

CMPLCLV – compares the interpreted (transformed) listcat and listvtoc results and reports the results.

// Judd Froam